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Star of Wonder

ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE Star of Wonder – Sunita Staneslow has artfully arranged 6 unique Christmas songs, some of which have not been arranged for harp previously. Her arrangements are evocative, creative and are a welcome addition to the Christmas harp repertoire. Sunita describes her process of writing this book: “I arranged these melodies during two quarantine periods.  The first was in Shetland as I added logs and peat to keep the fire going to heat the room. On a clear night, far from urban centers, the skies in Shetland offer a glorious display of stars. The heavens almost burst with sparkling light. My second quarantine period occurred when I returned to Israel. There, the autumn holidays are filled with song. Surrounded by stars and then joyful music, I was in the perfect setting to arrange carols. May you also feel the power and inspiration of wondrous starlight.” Designed for intermediate lever

String Buttons

This item is really good for those of us with fingers that play harp great, but for whom tying string knots is a real challenge.  They are reusable and easy to thread.  There are 5 holes in each "button" (disk).  This will work for smaller gauge strings, but thicker strings like 4th octave pedal will not fit through the holes.  (We tested and were able to get up to 5th octave D gut pedal to go through the holes. But it still might be difficult to maneuver these thicker strings.) You get 12 disks (buttons), a card with instructions and QR code which takes you right to the page you need to see the video.

The Fine Scottish Air

Each tune tells a story that can be shared as an intimate communication that is special and beautiful. It can be told as fits the occasion and player, making each time unique and fresh. The author writes,” The finery of the harmony and accompaniment is important, but always remember that the melody is central. The … The Fine Scottish Air Read More »

The Water Is Wide Duo

[audio mp3=""][/audio] ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE DUO with syncopated rhythms. Cindy's arrangement of this traditional piece for 2 harps can be played on pedal or lever harp. It contains jazz based harmonies with a slightly syncopated rhythm and an improvisation section in the middle of the piece. A very refreshing sound on a familiar melody.

Theme et Variations

PEDAL HARP ADVANCED An advanced piece for pedal harp with full chords in both hands, arpeggiated passages and tricky 16th note passages that are not arpeggiated (they zig zag). A challenging piece.  There are some ossia passages. A few pedal changes are marked in solfege. 19 pages Composer: Marcel Tournier Publisher: Alphonse Leduc Editions Musicales

Touching the Soul

ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE A Suite of seven harp solos for lever or pedal harp composed by Sara Jane Williams. Mystical Journey - 4 pages key of Em with rolled chords and some 32nd note descending ripples in the RH. Tempi changes throughout.Floating - a dreamy 3 page piece in A minor-ish, time signature 6/4. Innocence - 2 page piece in Eb with mainly arpeggiated LH. Astral Tango - D harmonic minor Tango, 3 pages Blessings - 2-page piece in Eb, reverent melody played at Largo.  Large rolled chords. Joyous Majesty - 2-pages key of C to be played Andante Maestoso. Celestial Waltz - 5-page piece in Db (play in D for lever harp, no accidentals). A lovely waltz with glisses toward the end.

Trois Petites Bluettes

Three lovely and short pieces:  Carillon, Istorietta and Landler. #1: Isterietta is 2 pages and in the key of Eb.  Common time. #2: Landler is 2 pages and in the key of C. 3/4 time. #3: Carillon is 3 pages and in the key of F.  3/4 time. All pieces are easy and could be considered teaching pieces.  #3 employs harmonics. Publisher: Alphonse Leduc Editions Musicales Composer: Alphonse Hallesmans

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