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Quiet Moments

ALL HARPS LOWER INTERMEDIATE - WRITTEN SPECIFICALLY FOR THE 19-26 STRING HARP, PLAYABLE ON ALL HARPS Quiet Moments - Therapeutic Harp Music, by Darlene Walton, is a collection of calming and relaxing pieces for the beginner-intermediate harpist. Quiet Moments was written for use in harp therapy settings. Each piece is written in four keys to give the harpist a variety of options if they choose to play the piece according to the listener's resonant tone. The mode in which each piece is written has also been included as have the chords for each piece so that the harp therapist can improvise or extend any given piece if they would like.

Secret Garden Collection

ALL HARP INTERMEDIATE - 15 Beautiful compositions by Rolf Lovland.  


LOWER INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED BEGINNER These pieces were originally published in The Harp Therapy Journal. Appreciation | Dorian Dream | Infusion of Love | The Path | Reverie | Summer Breeze | Whippoorwill Appreciation: sparsely arpeggiated LH, key of G it 3/4, 2 pages. Dorian Dream: D dorian, 3/4, 2 pages, LH all 4th and 5th, RH single notes. This piece has a very interesting explanation about the Dorian mode relative to the Phlegmatic humor. Infusion of Love: 2 pages, key of C with running eights as the introduction. The Path: key of C, 2 pages, rhythmic motif of 4-16ths followed by half note. Reverie: Key of Eb, harmonics, some parallel 6ths. 2 pages Summer Breeze: Key of G in 4/4. RH mostly single notes, some 4-note chords.  LH uses root/fifth/root Whippoorwill: Key of C, 2 pages in 3/4 with 2 mm in 4/4. Mostly single notes RH, grace notes in 6

Sonatina – Ginastera



MOSTLY LEVER HARP INTERMEDIATE - Sixteen pieces (2-3 pages in length) originally written for piano, transcribed later for harp.

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