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Infant Holy

INTERMEDIATE ALL HARPS + VIOLA, VIOLIN OR CELLO Infant Lowly: for solo viola (or cello or violin) and lever or pedal harp or piano This sweet carol plays as a lullaby and remains popular in many countries, especially Germany and Poland. sound file is Celtic harp and violin Fingerings are not included. Separate score for lever harp. Bonus back page with Meditative Thought, Word Study, Meditative Question and Meditative Scripture. [audio mp3=""][/audio]


ALL HARPS lower intermediate - This arrangement has a sparse LH, allowing one to concentrate on the beautiful harmonies of the RH.

Ma Mere l’Oye: Cinq pieces enfantines

PEDAL HARP INTERMEDIATE TO UPPER INTERMEDIATE Mother Goose: Five Children's Pieces by Maurice Ravel For pedal harp, this collection contains interesting information, and all the text should be read because it is quite good from the Acknowledgements to the Glossary. I. Pavane de la Belle au bois dormant (Pavane of Sleeping Beauty) II. Petit Poucet (Little Tom Thumb) III. Laideronnette, Imperatrice des Pagodes (Empress of the Toy Mandarins) IV. Les Entretiens de la Belle et de la Bete (Conversations of Beauty and the Beast) V. Le jardin feerique (The Enchanted Garden) The notation is well done with pedals marked and good spacing.  The notes are large and easy to see. You may also be interested in Mitch Landy's arrangements of three of the Ma Mere pieces: Petit Poucet, Le jardin and Pavane which is PN 4437B (paper) and 94315E (digital)

Meditation for Equinox

ALL HARPS UPPER INTERMEDIATE - an improvisational piece in the style of Robert Schumann

Menuet L’Arlesienne for 4-5 harps

HARP ENSEMBLE INTERMEDIATE - Harps 1, 3 and 4 are pedal harp; Two "harp 2" are provided - one lever and one pedal. This is probably the most famous piece from the suite, and is often performed as a flute/harp duet. This suite of music was composed as incidental music to Alphonse Daudet's "L'Arlésienne" (a play.) A girl is loved by a young peasant. He discovers her infidelity and starts to go crazy. His family tries to help to no avail, and he jumps off a balcony. It was first performed in 1872 in Paris. This purchase includes 5 harp parts, the score and a flute/violin part.  It is sold as a set.

More Quiet Moments

ALL HARPS LOWER INTERMEDIATE - WRITTEN SPECIFICALLY FOR 26-STRING HARPS, PLAYABLE ON ALL HARPS More Quiet Moments - Therapeutic Harp Music, by Darlene Walton, is the second collection of calming and relaxing pieces for the beginner-intermediate harpist. More Quiet Moments was written for use in harp therapy settings. Each piece is written in four keys and seven modes to give the harpist a variety of options if they choose to play the piece according to the listener's resonant tone. The mode in which each piece is written has also been included as have the chords for each piece so that the harp therapist can improvise or extend any given piece if they would like.

O Come O Come Emmanuel

ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE, HARP DUO OR HARP + ORGAN Beautiful solo or duo arrangement of this mysterious and expectant piece.  In this arrangement of the ancient tune, “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”, Harp I can stand alone as a solo. This piece for lever or pedal instruments, begins in the key of A minor with a three-note motive echoed with both hands of each harp part, descending the instrument and ending in an undulating eighth-note, left-hand part of Harp I that supports the right-hand melody. Scroll down for more info.

O Waly Waly (solo or duet)

ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE OR HARP AND VIOLIN Solo Version: This gentle rendition of O Waly, Waly (also known as The Water is Wide) has been transcribed for pedal or lever harp. This set includes separate scores for pedal and lever harps, with lever changes indicated. Each is two pages in length. Also known as "The Water is Wide", this traditional tune that has remained popular to this day. Included in the Child Ballads, it is still a well loved tune today. Version for Harp and Violin: This arrangement for violin and piano (or lever or pedal harp) is suitable for solo and ensemble contests as well as recitals. Score and violin part included.

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