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Complete Method for Harp by Henriette Renie

PEDAL HARP BEGINNING TO ADVANCED This complete method for harp by Henriette Renie was translated to English by Geraldine Ruegg.  It is 224 pages and consists of both parts of her method.  (Some editions are available as book 1 and book 2.) It is a thorough book with references to passages of many of the virtuoso harp repertoire pieces. It is a superb method with illustrations and detailed explanations.  The book offers a full technique and a syntax-appendix. From the very beginning, this method shows: how to tune a harp, how to use pedals, how to position yourself (with illustrations and comments). Although the method starts at the beginning, it progresses and quickly becomes advanced, as you will see by the examples.  This book also highlights trills, tremolos, crossing hands, and many more technical aspects of the standard virtuoso repertoire. If you want to master the instrument, Renie's method will

Coventry Carol

INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP + VIOLA OR CELLO Coventry Carol: for solo viola (or cello or violin) and pedal harp or piano arranged by Gail Y. Salvatori This hauntingly beautiful Advent carol from the 16th century is paired with an Irish jig to focus on the birth of the infant, whose parents had to flee from King Herod. Added bonus on the back page:  Meditative thought, Meditative Scripture, Word Study, Meditative Scripture.  Scroll down for sound sample.

Evening Prayer Book

ALL HARPS UPPER INTERMEDIATE - Evening Prayer from the 1893 Opera by Engelbert Humperdinck (1854-1921), "Hansel and Gretel". Very well edited and contains all the beautiful harmonies originally written by the composer. This is a tender melody and is appropriate for many occasions. We are classifying it as upper intermediate because of the range of notes, full chords,  and the lever/pedal changes required to be consistent with the composer's intended harmony. This collection, or book, contains the following: Pedal Harp Version Lever Harp Version Pedal Harp Accompaniment Version Lever Harp Accompaniment Version Melody Line Solo Part If played on lever harp, you must have at least Bb. This piece can be played on lever harp tuned in Eb, Bb or F.


5 HARPS, 2 CAN BE LEVER, INTERMEDIATE Composer: Georges Bizet Commissioned for the 2016 AHS Conference in Atlanta. This very well known composition will both challenge and delight both player and audience. Images of the score are provided.  The piece is not difficult to play, but the counting and accidentals will prove worthy of practice. Composed as incidental music to Alphonse Daudet's "L'Arlésienne" (a play.) A girl is loved by a young peasant. He discovers her infidelity and starts to go crazy. His family tries to help to no avail, and he jumps off a balcony. It was first performed in 1872 in Paris.

Harp Moments Holiday & Christmas

ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE Created mainly for the lever harpist, these 18 pieces are a mixture of originals, well-known and lesser known melodies heard during the festive winter season.  Very well edited with lever changes well marked. Please scroll down for the table of contents, and enjoy the samples provided.  Anna Dunwoodie is a well-known and well-respected educator in New Zealand.  To see all of her creations, click here.

Harpy Ever After

Harpy Ever After This is a jazzy ensemble with up to six different parts of varying difficulty, built on a repeating twelve-bar blues sequence. Each part (or "motif") is therefore only twelve bars long, but recurs regularly throughout the piece. Individual players may want to stay with one motif, or may want to play several during the course of the piece. The Complete Set of score and parts includes individual pages for each motif, with clear instructions as to which of the eight "verses" it needs to be played in. The six motifs are: A: "First Tune" B: "Chord Harmony" C: "Chromatic Melody" D: "Walking Bass" E: "Funky Tune" F: "Supergroove" An extra “motifs only” part is available for players who want to mix and match. The Supergroove Motif has lever or pedal slides. The motif is not difficult, and the slides can be fun. Lever or pedal slides are

His Eye is on the Sparrow (solo)

PEDAL HARP - UPPER INTERMEDIATE Cindy’s solo arrangement of His Eye is on the Sparrow for pedal harp is a tribute to harpist, Brook Boddie. It is upbeat and has a Latin-jazz feel and is fun to play. Both hands alternately play 4-note jazz comp type chords which requires good technique and the ability to relax the hand.

Holy Gathering Ensemble Book

ALL HARPS EASY TO INTERMEDIATE Ensemble arrangements of six specifically chosen titles; handbells, flute, clarinet, violin, triangle, guitar, voice, cello). Chords are included, indicated below. Much work has gone into the editing and notation of this work, which will be beneficial to any group of versatile musicians, amateur or professional, for a beautiful performance experience. Please scroll for more details, and listen to samples.

Hymn Fav. #3 Fairest Lord/Of the Father

ALL HARPS EASY - Straightforward arrangements of these favorite hymns in both C and Eb. The text of Fairest Lord Jesus is from 1677 and the tune is from 1842.  Of the Father's Love Begotten, also known as Divinum Mysterium, is a 12th Century Plainsong.

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