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Standard Through Pin T-Handled Wrench

Standard box end wrenches for pedal harps, Troubadours, Blevins harps, Thormahlen harps, and other harps that use standard through pins. Rubber coated.

String Buttons

This item is really good for those of us with fingers that play harp great, but for whom tying string knots is a real challenge.  They are reusable and easy to thread.  There are 5 holes in each "button" (disk).  This will work for smaller gauge strings, but thicker strings like 4th octave pedal will not fit through the holes.  (We tested and were able to get up to 5th octave D gut pedal to go through the holes. But it still might be difficult to maneuver these thicker strings.) You get 12 disks (buttons), a card with instructions and QR code which takes you right to the page you need to see the video.

Tuning Wrench – Black Star Grip

Black standard wrench for all pedal harps except Camac.  Star grip.

Tuning Wrenches in Colors!

Standard wrenches for pedal harps (excluding Camacs). Choose your favorite color!

Ultimate Music Stand Carrying Case

A handy way to transport the Ultimate Music Stand. Black nylon carrying case with adjustable shoulder strap.

Wood and Clear Plastic Music Clip

olds music in breezy conditions. Made with wood backs and clear plastic tops connected by a metal U with four heavy duty rivets. 5/8 inch wide across the plastic. Mouth opens to 2 1/2 inches. Sold individually. Does not qualify for media mail.

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