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Lever Caps for Loveland Levers

Designed to press over the ends of Loveland lever handles. Each package contains 33 black, 8 red and 8 blue caps - enough for a 40-string harp plus a few extras.

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Mighty Bright Xtra Flex DUET2 Light

An upgraded version of the Duet light.  The included AC adapter provides an added benefit for orchestras and bands using controlled lighting. Each antenna contains a light with "two" light bulbs, providing more illumination than the Duet 1 Light.

Mighty Bright XtraFlex DUET Stand Light

The XtraFlex Duet Music Light features two light heads each on their own flexible extension. The light source of this wonderfully bright light comes from two LEDs that will never burn out! Operates on three AAA batteries, not included.   Does not qualify for media mail shipping.

Music Stand Lip

Black plastic lip slides onto the “desk” of our black Ultimate folding music stands, actually making them sturdier. Also works on the Manhasset stand. You can store rings, pencils, tuner, small metronome, eraser, all kinds of things that you don’t want to fall off the stand while you’re turning pages. Made of ABS plastic and is 16" long.

Official Harp Mover T-Shirt

Are you one of those lucky harpists who is blessed with someone who helps you transport your instrument? Well, show your appreciation by getting them one of these fine T-shirts! They will instantly get the recognition and respect that they deserve.

Rings-red & blue for levers

Small rubber rings in red and blue to put either on levers or on tuning pins. Put them on levers to see the F’s and C’s better or on tuning pins to tune faster by knowing which pins correspond to the F’s and C’s.

Rings-yellow and beige for accidentals

Accidental Rings are designed to slip over levers that need to be flipped in the middle of a piece of music. These rings are great if you have trouble seeing(or remembering) the lever(s) that need(s) engaging throughout a piece.

Schaller Oyster Pickup

A round disk about the size of a quarter. It has sticky putty on one side for attaching to a flat surface (such as a harp soundboard). Removes easily.

Schatten CH-3 Celtic Harp Pickup with Preamp

Designed to work flawlessly on both Celtic harps and Pedal harps, this pickup delivers full, rich sound quality and ease of installation in one neat package.

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