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Complete Method for Harp by Henriette Renie

PEDAL HARP BEGINNING TO ADVANCED This complete method for harp by Henriette Renie was translated to English by Geraldine Ruegg.  It is 224 pages and consists of both parts of her method.  (Some editions are available as book 1 and book 2.) It is a thorough book with references to passages of many of the virtuoso harp repertoire pieces. It is a superb method with illustrations and detailed explanations.  The book offers a full technique and a syntax-appendix. From the very beginning, this method shows: how to tune a harp, how to use pedals, how to position yourself (with illustrations and comments). Although the method starts at the beginning, it progresses and quickly becomes advanced, as you will see by the examples.  This book also highlights trills, tremolos, crossing hands, and many more technical aspects of the standard virtuoso repertoire. If you want to master the instrument, Renie's method will

Composing Healthcare Music

REFERENCE BOOK   Not a music book, this text is for all musicians who feel the call to use their music for the good of those in need. This is a PDF download.


Concerto in Bb for Small Pedal Harp

Original arrangement by Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher dated 1998

Coventry Carol

INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP + VIOLA OR CELLO Coventry Carol: for solo viola (or cello or violin) and pedal harp or piano arranged by Gail Y. Salvatori This hauntingly beautiful Advent carol from the 16th century is paired with an Irish jig to focus on the birth of the infant, whose parents had to flee from King Herod. Added bonus on the back page:  Meditative thought, Meditative Scripture, Word Study, Meditative Scripture.  Scroll down for sound sample.

Cradle of Sound

REFERENCE BOOK. A 600 page book which covers History, Pioneers of Hospice, Sound Healing both historically and present, the topic of What is Harp Therapy?

Dusty Strings 26 Case – Economical

This form-fitting, soft-shell case fits the Dusty Strings Ravenna, Allegro, and FH26 harps. It features foam padding with a durable cordura exterior, a smooth inner lining, zipper closure, shoulder strap, an exterior pocket for music and other accessories, and D-rings to attach optional back pack straps. A Deluxe Model is also available,

Dusty Strings Custom Tuning Wrench – Maple

Shaped for comfort and precision control, these wrenches combine the leverage of a gooseneck wrench with the greater direct-pressure capability of a T-wrench. A sheath of clear plastic around the shank extends just beyond the tip to prevent accidental dents. Beautifully handcrafted from maple wood.

Dusty Strings Regular Tuning Wrench

Standard T-handled harp wrench with a star tip that fits pins with 3/16" heads (including all Dusty Strings model harps).

Effortless Glissing

INSTRUCTION BOOK. This book helps you not only to figure out glissandi, but helps you to understand the theoretical concept.

Evening Prayer Book

ALL HARPS UPPER INTERMEDIATE - Evening Prayer from the 1893 Opera by Engelbert Humperdinck (1854-1921), "Hansel and Gretel". Very well edited and contains all the beautiful harmonies originally written by the composer. This is a tender melody and is appropriate for many occasions. We are classifying it as upper intermediate because of the range of notes, full chords,  and the lever/pedal changes required to be consistent with the composer's intended harmony. This collection, or book, contains the following: Pedal Harp Version Lever Harp Version Pedal Harp Accompaniment Version Lever Harp Accompaniment Version Melody Line Solo Part If played on lever harp, you must have at least Bb. This piece can be played on lever harp tuned in Eb, Bb or F.

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