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Be Thou My Vision

PEDAL HARP INTERMEDIATE - A basic arrangement of this beautiful piece (Slane) as played by Louise on her Sacred Treasures CD.  One gliss, arpeggiated intro.

Beneath the Cross of Jesus

PEDAL HARP UPPER INTERMEDIATE - full lush chords and arpeggios.  This well-known old hymn has been transcribed from Louise's recording by Basil Alter, and edited by Gretchen Chell Cover.

Beneath the Pines

ALL HARPS LOWER INTERMEDIATE - Sharon's 7th book of original tunes.

Beyond the Basics DVD Riley

DVD- Straightforward techniques explained in precise detail that can take the intermediate or advanced harp player beyond predictability and into the realm of the unexpected and exciting. Straightforward techniques explained in precise detail that can take the intermediate or advanced harp player beyond predictability and into the realm of the unexpected and exciting. Topics addressed: blues and slapping, improvisation, superimposed chords, parallel sixths, harmonics, South American techniques, hand positions. Length: 1 hour 27 minutes. For Intermediate to Advanced players, this DVD learn new techniques that can take you beyond predictability and into the realm of the unexpected. These techniques are explained in precise detail that can be immediately applied to your own playing right away. These skills can be applied to many different playing styles and musical methods and will help develop your own unique sound. Contents: Slapping Blues & slapping Improvisation Superimposed chords Parallel sixths Harmonics South American techniques

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Body, Mind and Music

Music affects the body/mind, and the body/mind of the player affects the playing of music. Laurie discusses our cultural relationship with music, how the brain learns it, how we practice it, how we perform it, how we listen to it, how we teach it, and finally, how it is used in purposely therapeutic ways. This is a revised and updated edition (2010) incorporating the addition two of Laurie's previous books: Nothing Less Than Your Best and The Art of Teaching. A complete guide for all musicians, inluding Music and the Brain,Music is a Language, Practice As Passion, Aural, Kinesthetic and Visual Learning, Overcoming Blocks to Musical Progress, The Five ways of Learning , Basic Music Terminology, Key Changes and the Succession of 5ths, Music as Therapy, Improvisational Music, Beneficial Resonant Frequencies, and much more!


Brahms Hungarian Dance No. 5

PEDAL HARP & LEVER HARP  - UPPER INTERMEDIATE. Each paper version contains the parts for both pedal and lever harp and the score for just the pedal harp. This dramatic piece is very good for audiences wanting an inspiring performance.

Butterfly Wings

ALL HARPS EASY + VOICE - a lovely poem set to music by Shari Sarazin.

Clair de Lune Excerpts

ALL HARPS EASY - this arrangement is perfect for people who request this piece, and perhaps don't realize its length.  It is also great for people in nursing homes who may not wish to listen in its entirety.

Colmcille CD

COMPACT DISC   Janet Harbison and the Belfast Harp Orchestra. An original album of harp music composed by Janet Harbison to commemorate St. Columba who died in 597 AD.

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Comfort Music

ALL HARP INTERMEDIATE - Each title has a picture, historical explanation and interesting notes about the time period or the composer. A lovely collection, well edited. From ancient to modern time periods. The Golden Lyre of Apollo Lough Sheeling The King of Love My Shepherd Is Prison Song Barbara Allen La Folia Canon in D Sheep May Safely Graze David of the White Rock Menuet Le Retour Sonata in A Schubert's Lullaby Santa Lucia Star of the County Down Kathleen Mavourneen Boat Medley Spanish Romance Sakura The Sun Sets Behind the Forest America Detroit Blues Through the Mist

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