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Therapeutic Harp DVD

COMPACT DISC    Three CDs included:  Ancient Legacy, Sound Science and Clinical Applications, by Sarajane Williams

Touching the Soul

ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE A Suite of seven harp solos for lever or pedal harp composed by Sara Jane Williams. Mystical Journey - 4 pages key of Em with rolled chords and some 32nd note descending ripples in the RH. Tempi changes throughout.Floating - a dreamy 3 page piece in A minor-ish, time signature 6/4. Innocence - 2 page piece in Eb with mainly arpeggiated LH. Astral Tango - D harmonic minor Tango, 3 pages Blessings - 2-page piece in Eb, reverent melody played at Largo.  Large rolled chords. Joyous Majesty - 2-pages key of C to be played Andante Maestoso. Celestial Waltz - 5-page piece in Db (play in D for lever harp, no accidentals). A lovely waltz with glisses toward the end.

Trois Petites Bluettes

Three lovely and short pieces:  Carillon, Istorietta and Landler. #1: Isterietta is 2 pages and in the key of Eb.  Common time. #2: Landler is 2 pages and in the key of C. 3/4 time. #3: Carillon is 3 pages and in the key of F.  3/4 time. All pieces are easy and could be considered teaching pieces.  #3 employs harmonics. Publisher: Alphonse Leduc Editions Musicales Composer: Alphonse Hallesmans

Trouble Shooting Your Lever Harp

A manual intended to help harp owners evaluate and correct minor problems with their instruments and understand major problems which may need professional repair.

Tuning Wrench – Black Star Grip

Black standard wrench for all pedal harps except Camac.  Star grip.

Tuning Wrenches in Colors!

Standard wrenches for pedal harps (excluding Camacs). Choose your favorite color!

Ultimate Music Stand Carrying Case

A handy way to transport the Ultimate Music Stand. Black nylon carrying case with adjustable shoulder strap.

Vocal Mechanics A Look Under the Hood

A how-to book for anyone wanting to improve singing technique. It includes a CD of vocal warm-ups.

Whispers CD

COMPACT DISC   We are very pleased to offer this CD as part of our inventory. The harpist is Linda DeBrita, a friend and Afghan Press artist. Linda performs with flautist Kate Oaks and with harpist Phyllis Poppe.

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