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The Healer’s Way, Vol 1 CD

COMPACT DISC   Solo lever harp. Medieval chant, ancient melodies and Celtic music create a serene and therapeutic audio-sensual experience.

The Healer’s Way, Vol 2 CD

COMPACT DISC   Solo lever harp. The natural harmonic tones of the ancient harp captures the healing potential that penetrates through mental discomfort and muscle tension.

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The Healing Musician

REFERENCE BOOK. This guide is for anyone who wants to play live music to the ailing at the bedside. It takes the reader into the world of comfort care, illustrates what musical instruments are appropriate, suggests how to use the major principles of music: rhythm, harmony and melody.

The Mitch Landy CD (The Plague Sessions)

A broad selection of 20 of Landy's works, giving you a great scope of his talents.  This is a CD.  It is downloadable as mp3 files.  Read the full description for all the titles and the performers.

The Mythic Harp

This exciting book is filled with myths, stories, pictures and music that best describe the timeless magic and allure of this very ancient and noble instrument.

The Silver Lyre

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + MED. VOICE. New Music for a Mesopotamian Lyre

The Sing-Along Harper

ALL LEVELS, ALL HARPS + VOICE. Verlene Schermer’s The Sing- Along Harper will give you tools to play along with singers and other instrumentalists without needing to read and memorize music!

The Water Is Wide Duo

[audio mp3=""][/audio] ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE DUO with syncopated rhythms. Cindy's arrangement of this traditional piece for 2 harps can be played on pedal or lever harp. It contains jazz based harmonies with a slightly syncopated rhythm and an improvisation section in the middle of the piece. A very refreshing sound on a familiar melody.

Theme et Variations

PEDAL HARP ADVANCED An advanced piece for pedal harp with full chords in both hands, arpeggiated passages and tricky 16th note passages that are not arpeggiated (they zig zag). A challenging piece.  There are some ossia passages. A few pedal changes are marked in solfege. 19 pages Composer: Marcel Tournier Publisher: Alphonse Leduc Editions Musicales

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