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All Glory, Laud, and Honor hp/fl

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + FLUTE   Based on St. Theodulph by M. Tescher (1584-1635) arranged for harp and flute by Dan Pinkston. Playable on lever or pedal harp, and in the key of Eb.

Amazing Grace (Hp+C instr)

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + C INSTRUMENT   Beautiful arrangements of classic hymns for harp and melody instrument.

Arrival of the Queen of Sheba


Ave Maria (Caccini) – Flute

INTERMEDIATE, PEDAL HARP + MELODY INSTRUMENT. A mature performance piece, giving your soloist license to interpret their own phrasing.

Ave Maria (Caccini) – Lever

INTERMEDIATE, LEVER HARP + MELODY INSTRUMENT. A beautiful and compelling duet for harp and melody instrument. This is a mature performance piece, so your soloist will easily be able to interpret their own phrasing.

Bach Sonata 4 for Hp/FL Andres

EARLY ADVANCED PEDAL HARP + FLUTE. Harp part arranged by Bernard Andres, flute part edited by Francois Bru.  This sonata was originally written for solo flute, a basso continuo being later added by CPE Bach.  The arrangement of the harp part was made by Bernard Andres, and has the merit of respecting the instrument's character, thus making this a true repertory work.

Bartok for Flute and Harp (ML)

INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP + FLUTE.  Mr. Landy says in his foreword: "My arrangements of the Rumanian Dances are fairly straight-forward with one exception - - I have added a counterpoint in Danse du Chale in a style that I hope is consistent with the rest."

Beloved Bard, The (Jones)

INTERMEDIATE ALL HARPS + FLUTE OR VIOLIN  - Twenty arrangements of beloved Welsh airs, based on collected tunes of Edward Jones, Harper to King George IV. Arrangements are placed in progressive key order; can be played as a "set" of Welsh music.

Classics for Fl or Vn & Hp

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + FLUTE/VIOLIN.  Four arrangments of classic repertoire that will please any audience.

Efen & Arawaynn’s Fl & Hp Bk

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS  + C INSTRUMENT. Very simple early music. Delightful tunes for lap harp and flute (or recorder, penny whistle or any melody instrument).

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