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For Little Troubadours

EASY, ALL HARPS (2/3/4 parts). Two, three, and four part ensemble music.

Four Celtic Harp Trios

INTERMEDIATE TRIO, ALL HARPS. A very welcome addition for harp trio.  Full arrangements for lever or pedal harp.

Four Ensembles (3 duos/1 trio)

INTERMEDIATE DUO or TRIO, ALL HARPS BRANSLE Claude Gervaise, ( 1535-1565) was an important figure in the French secular music of his time. The Bransle is a 16th century French dance performed by couples in either a line or a circle. EN ROULANT MA BOULE The voyageurs and coureurs- de- bois traversed by canoe the rivers and lakes of New France in search of furs for the European market. They sang continuously to the rhythm of their paddles, usually old ballads they had learned in France. The very popular “En roulant ma boule” ( While Rolling My Ball), tells the story of a prince who shoots a white duck from whose eyes bright diamonds fall and from whose bill drops gold for all. MERRY WIDOW WALTZ The “Merry Widow Waltz” is from the operetta “ The Merry Widow” by the Austro-Hungarian composer Franz Lehar ( 1870-1948). MAMA GONE A’MOUNTAIN “Mama Gone


INTERMEDIATE TRIO, ALL HARPS. An energetic trio for lever or pedal harp. This cool piece consists of a syncopated rhythm section, a moving rippling eighth note section, and on occasion a harmonic back-up of whole and half notes. Each of these sections is shared and traded among all three players – loads of fun! Key of G, with D3 and Eb accidentals.

Gamelan Trio ML

ALL HARPS - LOWER INTERMEDIATE TRIO - This began as something to bring to a harp picnic.

Georgia On My Mind

UPPER INTERMEDIATE, PEDAL HARP DUO OR TRIO WITH OPTIONAL LEVER HARP PART 3. PDF download only. Written by Hoagey Carmicheal and Stuart Gorrell, arranged by Linda Barton Paul. Harmonics, glisses, and plenty of arpeggios and rolled chords! A very satisfying arrangement.

Glissando Waltz for 2 or 3 hps

BEGINNER TO EARLY INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Lovely tune by Mozart, arranged for two to three harps by Julie Gaisford Keyes. Harp A can also stand alone as a solo.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Trio

INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED, ALL HARP - MIXED TRIO. Inspired and dedicated to the Cicely Tyson Harp Ensemble, directed by Robbin Gordon Cartier. Upbeat, spirited, and jazz-based. Harps 1 and 2 easily translate to lever harp, but also can be played on pedal harp. Harp 3 is pedal harp only.

Green and Blue Trio

LATE BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. A great choice for ensembles with pedal and lever harps. Cindy Horstman’s original composition “Green and Blue” for 3 harps is a jazz-based piece in 3/4 that captures both an uplifting and melancholy feel inspired by Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis. Harp 1 and 2 are scored on treble clef only and can be played by a late beginner. Accidentals are accessible for lever harpists. Harp 3 is more advanced and would be best accomplished on a pedal harp. It is the busiest of the three, so the more experienced member of the ensemble would enjoy the challenge. The score and parts are available both as PDF download and Paper.  The individual parts are available only as PDF download.

Green Sleeves Harp Trio JS PDF

EASY TO INTERMEDIATE FOR HARP TRIO - Parts 1 and 3 are arpeggiated and Part 2 is quite easy.

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