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Build a Beautiful Repertoire

ALL HARPS EASY - A Collection of 18 familiar tunes arranged for lever harp by Angi Bemis.

Classical Selections V 1 (C or Eb)

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. The arrangements focus on the melody line and beautiful harmonies. Choose either Eb or C book.

Classical Selections V 2 (C or Eb)

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  Classical Selections Book 2 includes classical themes that you’ll enjoy playing. Choose either Eb or C.

KISS Weddings (Simple and Serene)

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Angi has created a guidebook for harpists who play for weddings which includes very playable lever harp arrangements of 18 wedding classics and hymns, instructions for setting up a Wedding Notebook, a template for a Wedding Notes Card to keep track of each wedding’s details. This particular volume is geared toward harps tuned in Eb major.

Lead Sheet Basics Bk 1 Traditional Songs & Lullabies

ALL LEVELS, ALL HARPS. Lead sheets for all 40 songs, in fake book format, with 3 – 4 songs per page (I - 10 pages, II - 12 pages total), a basic-but-lovely arrangement for each for the 40 songs. This book is geared toward lever harps tuned in Eb.

Lead Sheet Basics Bk II – Hymns

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. A basic-but-lovely arrangement for each for the 40 songs, a blank arrangement worksheet (with the melody line, chords, and a blank bass line) so the harpist can develop their own arrangement. This book is geared toward lever harps tuned in C.

Lead Sheet Basics Bk III – Holiday

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. 44 songs in 3 formats: lead sheet (melody & chords), a lovely arrangement, and a worksheet score on which you can write out your own arrangement.  20 Christmas songs, plus songs for Lent, Easter, Thanksgiving, patriotic settings, and New Year’s Eve.

Lullaby Collection

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Angi tells us this book began as a medley of two of her favorite lullabies, which she plays at the neo-natal intensive care unit at Northside Hospital in Atlanta.

Music of Friends V 1

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. A fantastic arrangement of tunes, and following in her past tradition, available both in the key of C and the key of Eb, SKU 61815. The most special element of this book is that all the tunes are Angi’s arrangements of tunes, composed by contemporary harpists, that really spoke to her in some way.

Music of Friends V 2

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  Over the years, folks have told Angi that Music of Friends Book #1 is their “go-to book” and have asked for a second book. So here it is!

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