Favorite Apps and Sites Part 1

The Amazing Slow Downer App

This app allows you to slow down the music so you can play along at your own tempo, and work your way up to the correct or required tempo. The pitch does not change. You can change keys – I didn’t use that option. It will also help you to transcribe. You can make loops, too. Google it and you’ll find it. I purchased the full program because of the length of the music I was working with. I was playing a 1960s modern concerto for organ with a great harp part, but I couldn’t track the music. I had an mp3 file of it with all the wrong tempos. Fasts were too fast, slows were too fast. This app was like a miracle in helping me learn the piece. This app, I think, needs to be purchased from you device and is dependent on ios or android.

I am also a member of MUSESCORE.COM – Musescore itself is a free music notation program that looks as good as Finale and Sibelius (IMHO). At the site, one can find piano music that is playable on harp as well as pop tunes that your students want to play. I personally don’t use the Musescore program, because I have spent so much time with Finale. I’d like to learn, though. I think it is more similar to Sibelius than Finale in how to enter notes, erase, etc.

One of my favorite and most used websites is IMSLP – International Music Score Library Project. Here you will find tons of PDFs and recordings of public domain music. When the virus made its appearance, all of a sudden the library of music accessible at the academy where I teach was not there. So I went to IMSLP and was able to find many public domain titles suitable for my students. You will find harp music there, too! I find it a really good resource to search out early keyboard music playable on the harp. Because I use the site so much, I am a member.

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