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Croatian Christmas Carols

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. For the small harp, a lovely and unusual collection.  Well notated.  Fourteen harp arrangements from a time period ranging from medieval to the 1800s and are still being sung today.

America the Beautiful DS Harp

DOUBLE STRUNG HARP  In the key of C, no lyrics or chords, tones C3 to E6 with LC#4 & LC#5 set, one left row strings lever change.  2 pages.  PDF download.

Butterfly Jig – Cotruvo PDF

SMALL HARP - LOWER INTERMEDIATE In the key of B minor (C# & F#), with fingerings, chords, tones E3 To F#6, no lever changes or lyrics. 4 pages.  PDF download.

Harp Jig Gig Book – Cotruvo PDF

52 jig, slip jig, hornpipe and reel tunes to play on your harp with dancing, rhythmic speed using the Double Handed Pluck harp melody arrangement for all harps. There are 2 arrangements per song: Double Handed Pluck (DHP) and Lead Sheet (PDF Download.)

Over the Rainbow for DS Harp PDF

DOUBLE STRUNG HARP - Key of C, tones C3 to D6 with LF#5 set, with chords, no lyrics, no lever changes.  2 pages.  PDF download

Pachelbel Canon for DS Harp PDF

DOUBLE STRUNG - This variation of Pachelbel Canon in D is for the double strung harp. Arranged in the key of C major,it reduces the number of levers that the key of D would require.

Sea Serenade (Cotruvo) PDF

ALL HARPS LOWER INTERMEDIATE - Nine sea songs of the heart from 19th to early 20th centuries:

Six Carols for DS Harp PDF

DOUBLE STRUNG HARP - Six traditional carols bringing out the best music on your double strung harp!

Souling Song for DS Harp PDF

DOUBLE STRUNG HARP - an English folk dance tune that is played during the Halloween and Christmas seasons.

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